Kill Your Soul-Destroying Job and 
Make Money Doing What You Love

Think building a location-independent business is hard?
Think again.

Look, I know you're busy.
So, I'll cut right through the crap.

You're not happy. Maybe you're miserable. Or maybe you're not miserable, but you know something just isn't right.

You don't know what it is, but you know something isn't right. Something doesn't feel right, something in your gut.

Sure, you're working—well, you call it "working," but the truth is that you really have no idea why you're doing what you're doing

All you know is that you wake up in the morning, go to some office, sit at some desk for eight hours, do "something," and then go home. Then, every two weeks you're compensated by some deposit into your bank account.

Regardless if that's how your life has been for two weeks or two decades, I can tell you that that's how your life will be for many years—most likely until you die.

So, unless you want to die not having lived a good life, you must intervene and do something about it.​

Instead of "working" on something that doesn't make sense and doesn't make you happy, wouldn't you like to do something that you're passionate about?

Something where you can use all your energy and creativity in order to add value into people's lives?

That sounds like a no brainer, doesn't it?

My name is James and
I'm an accidental entrepreneur

My name is James. I'm a former cubicle slave monkey programmer turned entrepreneur.

I spent over ten years living in San Francisco Bay Area where I worked for all kinds of tech companies. I worked for small startups and large businesses, companies that you've heard of such as Yahoo! and Facebook.

Relaxing in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

​In 2007, I decided I had enough. I handed in my two-week notice. A month later was on one-way flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Working at a coffee shop in
Chiang Mai, Thailand

After I spent three years living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which I credit as being some of the best years of my life.

Following that, I began living in Europe and Asia. 

I spent time in Denmark, Spain, Romania, Ukraine and Russia. Then I started living in Thailand and Indonesia.

Ten years and 85 countries later, I'm still going strong with no desire to stop traveling any time soon.

But enough about me. As a result of all this traveling, I've also managed to learn a thing or two about building online businesses and teaching others to do the same. It's something I hope to teach you as well. 

The result is the Maverick Mentorship program.​

Maverick Mentorship is an intensive,
1-1custom-tailored program aimed at
helping you translate your skills and passions
into a sustainable lifestyle.

After finishing the course, you'll learn:

Convert your passion into a money-generating business

Learn how to go from a hard-to-pinpoint passion or skill into a viable money-generating business idea.

Build an army of dedicated fans and customers

To succeed, you need a loyal customer base that likes what you do and will give you money for more. Learn how to build an army.

Create products and services that improve people's lives

The worst thing you can do is build something that nobody wants. Huge waste of time. Learn how to never fall into this trap.

Program structure

Customized And Personalized 1-on-1 Skype Sessions

Highly personalized Skype or phone sessions that last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, or until you need to go. Scheduled at your convenience.

Unlimited Email Followups Via A Private Account

As part of the program, you're given a private email, which we'll be using to communicate exclusively. Ask me anything and get a comprehensive reply.

Continuous Brainstorming, Anytime, Anywhere

My devoted and uncompromising assistance in helping you overcome your obstacle, whichever it may be. I'm on your time, and I want you to succeed.

Here's what recent graduates are saying:

Neil Dash talks about building his own brand based on Whiskey and Millennials. 

(click to play video)

Dylan talks about the challenges of building a business surrounding his passion and interests. 

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Sam talks about the program and how it helped him launch his first business—a boutique branding agency. 

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Jake talks about building a product surrounding his area of expertise. 

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Travis talks about his passion: helping entrepreneurs ditch their mediocre lifestyles and become digital nomads. 

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What other students of the program are saying:

James doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He tells you what works and what doesn’t work. Perhaps it’s his Eastern European background. I’m tired of talking to people who sell me some far-fetched half-baked ideas that have a very low chance of materializing. Talking to James has truly been a breath of fresh air.

Code monkey and aspiring entrepreneur 

I’ve just recently started my online business in a niche I love and really passionate about. James and I brainstormed a couple of ideas in order to leverage my talents and developed a blueprint what will hopefully be a sustainable business with a recurring revenue.

I crunch numbers for a Fortune 500 company

Thanks for all your help James. Things started to click when you explained how to make a product that's not only cool, but that others would be interested in using. That changed the entire ballgame.

Product Manager at a small startup
“If you don't build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
— Dhirubhai Ambani

Ready to start building your very own dream?

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